The original Roe Ann Cruise was started in 1987 by Bob Clausen and has been an Emmett staple ever since. This will be it’s 31st year.

Independently, the year after, the Emmett Show and Shine was started by Doug & Glenda Strunk.

They continued the tradition for 20 years until they asked The Lions Club to take it over.

They accepted.

In 2008 the two really came together when owners of classic cars at the Emmett Show and Shine requested their own dedicated cruise.
The request was granted and the dedicated cruise now occurs every 3rd Saturday of July from 6pm to 9pm.
It is a great time for the family to come out and be amongst the community and of course see some of the most beautiful cars you’ll ever see.

As time has gone on these events have gained in popularity and have grown immensely.
To foster that growth and encourage it, in 2018, Emmett Cruise Night Volunteers was formed and is hoping to continue this long standing tradition!